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Zoe's first book, Sex, Drugs and Rock n’ Roll: The Science of Hedonism and the Hedonism of Science – hand-picked by The Guardian as a must-read science book – was published by Profile in August 2014.

Science has revealed why all human cultures are united by a uniform embrace of 'base' pursuits': without them, we would not be who we are.

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Let’s Get It On: The race for the world’s best condom

Date: 13th June 2015

Publication: The Guardian

It’s hugely unpopular, worn by an estimated 5% of men around the world: can 11 design mavericks, funded by Bill and Melinda Gates, reinvent the condom for a sexier, safer world?

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A History of the Ice Pick Lobotomy

Date: 12th June 2015

Publication: Vice

It was decreed “the worst idea on the mind” in history in a public debate at the Royal Institution in 2006. Yet it seemed like such a good idea at the time—so good, it won its devisor the Nobel Prize.

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Animals Like to Get High in the Wild, Too

Date: 20th April 2015

Publication: The Daily Beast

Humans aren’t the only ones who turn to drugs for a little bit of escape. In my new book on the science of hedonism, the quest by animals to get high is documented.

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On The Anniversary of the First Acid Trip, What Do We Now Know About LSD?

Date: 19th April 2015

Publication: Vice

But one high is so famous it has a birthday: Bicycle Day, April 19, 1943. The world’s first acid trip.

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Let’s Get It On

13th June 2015

Today I publish my first feature in The Guardian’s magazine: a cover story on the race for the new condom. Plus they used a Marvin Gaye quote for the headline. Couldn’t be more delighted.

Huff Post Live

6th May 2015

I appeared on the Huffingpost’s Online News channel live from their studio in New York – you can see the clip of me yapping away here. I didn’t realise until I got there that it was TV, not radio – thank goodness I was wearing a suit…

Pages Unbound

27th April 2015

I will be in Toronto this May for the Pages Unbound festival – the city’s top notch cavalry of literature – to chat about What Women Write on May 8th with a spectacular set of female scribes.

The One And Only?

6th April 2015

I’ll be speaking at the Edinburgh Science Festival on April 7th in a panel discussion about monogamy – are we biologically hard-wired to pair for life, or is it simply a myth perpetuated by political and religious institutions?

40 Winks

31st March 2015

I’ll be headlining the Saturday Super Salon at the 40 Winks Hotel this April 4th, in conversation with Liz Hoggard of The Times. Complete with champagne, cake and sumptuous decor, it promises to be lush…

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