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Heavenly Nipples celebrates sexual diversity at the Glastonbury Festival

Date: 9th July 2014

Publication: The Guardian

At this year’s festival, Guerilla Science used latex nipples, merkins and the Great Wall of Vagina to confront the pervasive discomfort humans have with our sexual diversity

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How magic mushrooms induce a dream-like state

Date: 4th July 2014

Publication: New Scientist

Anyone who has enjoyed a magical mystery tour thanks to the psychedelic powers of magic mushrooms knows the experience is surreally dreamlike. Now neuroscientists have uncovered a reason why: the active ingredient, psilocybin, induces changes in the brain that are eerily akin to what goes on when we’re off in the land of nod.

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Urban Myths: Can a coin dropped from a skyscraper kill you?

Date: 20th March 2014

Publication: The Guardian

As Britain unveils a new pound coin, we put to rest once and for all the question of whether falling change can, in fact, be lethal

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Online games offer trove of brain data

Date: 21st June 2013

Publication: Nature News

Study of 35 million users of brain-training software finds alcohol and sleep linked to cognitive performance.

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17th July 2014

Going to Latitude? I’m speaking in the Wellcome Trust Science & Secrets Hub at 5pm on Friday about my first book, Sex, Drugs and Rock n’ Roll: The Science of Hedonism and the Hedonism of Science (full info here). Come celebrate the science of sin!

Science Impressario

14th July 2014

I have been featured in New Scientist as having the “dream job”: a “science impresario” who celebrates science at summer music festivals. Check out the full article ¬†- featuring a video of me stripping naked for science – here. (Yes, it’s suitable for work.)

Down Under

18th June 2014

My book is coming out in September in Australia and New Zealand, and it’s been selected by the Guardian’s Australia Culture Blog as a “fascinating” science book to read.

Heavenly Nipples

29th May 2014

For the third time, Guerilla Science will bring modern scientific research to the place you least expect it: Shangri La, the “naughty corner” of Glastonbury festival. The unofficial after hours area of the festival – filled with a favela-like shanty town of art installations, stages, venues and theatres – the shambolic temporary town is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Three years ago GS planted a glowing white cute, the Decontamination Chamber into the middle of it, filled with psychiatrists and microbiologists. Last year, we built a giant maze and filled it with rodent scientists in Lab Rats. And this year? We’re building an upscale department store of sexual enhancements: Nipples. Come adorn yourself in a merkin, browse the Great Wall of Vagina, and donate your sexual history to our growing data archive.

How many science communicators would bring a giant wall of vulva casts into the middle of the anarchic zone of debauchery and revelry at Britain’s largest festival? Just one.

Let’s hope it’s not muddy and I don’t go insane with stress like 2011.

Salon North

23rd April 2014

I will be in Harrogate, Yorkshire tomorrow to talk about the science of sex, drugs, and rock and roll with Salon North.¬†After researching these three things solidly for two years, a friend asked: what’s your favourite subject? Music. Without a moment’s hesitation. A violin has never split up my home, broken my heart, or killed any of my friends. Forever and always: music.

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