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Zoe's first book, Sex, Drugs and Rock nā€™ Roll: The Science of Hedonism and the Hedonism of Science ā€“ hand-picked by The Guardian as a must-read science book ā€“ was published by Profile in August 2014.

Science has revealed why all human cultures are united by a uniform embrace of 'base' pursuits': without them, we would not be who we are.

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Soho Farmhouse

Date: 11th August 2015

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Wilderness Festival

Date: 9th August 2015

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Banning laughing gas is a serious matter. The balloon protest treats it as a joke.

Date: 31st July 2015

Publication: The Guardian

The proposed ban on nitrous oxide is irrational and unworkable, and requires serious challenge, not an inane demo in Parliament Square

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Standon Calling


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29th July 2015

I will be speaking at the Wilderness Festival on August 9th in the Forum, “the flagship tent for ideas and all things thinky-talky”.


16th July 2015

I will be speaking at Latitude tomorrow as part of a panel on drugs – the science, the policy, the controversy, the unavoidable truths. I’ll be joining neuroscientist Robin Carhart-Harris and addictions specialist Dr Owen Bowden-Jones.

Could ecstasy be a potential treatment for PTSD?

13th July 2015

I explore the possibilities in the magazine Maclean’s, and report on the first clinical study to test a psychedelic for human health in four decades. This was a labour of love – having seen some of my closest friends suffer terribly from the condition

Let’s Get It On

13th June 2015

Today I publish my first feature in The Guardian’s magazine: a cover story on the race for the new condom. Plus they used a Marvin Gaye quote for the headline. Couldn’t be more delighted.

CBC Radio

16th May 2015

Back in my hometown of Toronto I had the chance to chat about my chosen habitat – British music festivals – plus the trend of laughing gas and hedonism on CBC Radio. What a sweet homecoming.

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